At RiG advisory services, we believe people aspire to be rich in the true sense of the word – not only seeking wealth, but desiring their wealth to have meaning.

In order to turn that desire into a reality, you need a simple road map – or “wealth map”, as we call it – guiding you towards true riches. Because many people try to navigate the maze of wealth management decisions without a clear or relevant plan, they make unwise decisions on their financial journey. This is typically when they start acting irrationally out of fear or greed, losing track of where they are headed and why. We believe it is unacceptable that anyone should struggle with something as important as financial planning.

We understand the uncertainty and risks that inevitably come with investing your hard-earned money. After many years of carefully listening to our wealthy clients, we know that it is not just about the money; it is about the meaning you create with it. That is why our professional and independent advisors want to understand what is important to you, both on a financial and personal level. We will help you design a bespoke wealth map and guide you in creating a legacy that is rich in financial, social and spiritual capital.

Here’s how our 4-step process works:



Determine your current location.


Decide on your desired destination.


Design and draft your wealth map.


Deliver on the implementation and track your progress.

During this process, we can help you wisely navigate difficult wealth management decisions in the areas of:

Local & offshore investment planning & management
Local & offshore structuring, including citizenship by investment
Cross-border estate planning & administration of local deceased estates
Personal & business

Schedule a call and you too can escape the maze of financial confusion. Equipped with a customised wealth map, you can embark on the road to true riches.