Attaining financial wealth at the cost of relationships is senseless. By not only investing your money, but also investing in yourself and others, you can build your social capital. Certain tools can help you to understand yourself, develop your strengths and improve your interaction with others.

Understand Yourself

Society has a way of focusing on your weaknesses. Yet when you choose to acknowledge your strengths, you will have the ability navigate tension and stress-related situations with much greater ease. At RiG, we like to make use of the Gallup StrengthsFinder test to ensure that you know where to focus.
Personality assessments tell us a lot about who you are and how you think and relate to the world. You can also get to know yourself better & develop your strengths.

Improve Interaction With Others

Every person has a unique story – one that is often tainted by stress-related situations. Once you acknowledge your skills and talents, however, you can put these to use to overcome the stressors that threaten to overwhelm you. Self-knowledge will not only help to promote better interaction in the workplace and across cultural boundaries, but also improve relationships with your spouse, parents and children. When you understand your social style, you are better equipped to resolve conflict. Understanding yourself – and others – will simplify interaction, thereby accumulating social capital.

Life Coaching

At a certain point in life, you might need change – a change of perspective and change in possibilities. Change, although necessary, can be challenging and demand certain commitments. A life coach can help you set goals and create an action plan to help you attain them, thereby contributing to your social capital.

Spiritual Guidance

Many people find it difficult to balance all the demands of everyday life. Emotional pain, brokenness, depression and trauma are characteristic of our society. RiG will give you spiritual guidance and counselling to Renovate in God by receiving healing and hope. If you are struggling with stress, angst, depression, anger, marital problems or addictions, RiG can lead you to the road to recovery. People are important to God – that is why we take a holistic approach in dealing with our clients. RiG advisory services focuses on wisdom for true wealth, while RiG counselling focuses on wisdom for true wellbeing.

If you want to learn how to invest your life, send an email to Carin Lategan at carin@rig.ac.